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Question – Only 2 channel audio over HDMI | Tom’s Hardware Forum.

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If it’s got an hdmi out why not connect pc directly to the amp? I have the same question Well if you cant run motherboard audio jacks to your avr for analogue surround sound then sadly the avr is too dated. Is it possible to run audio jacks from pc to fronts, centre and rears like pc speakers? Waiting for support from Nvidia. All Topics.

Problem outputting surround sound from PC via HDMI – Microsoft Community – 1 Surround Sound On My Pc?

Jan 12,  · The Nvidia card has a display port to HDMI adapter, which I use to connect to the HDMI audio extractor which sends the HDMI on to the HDTV. But all the sound it ever gets is stereo. I plug a fireTV stick into the HDMI splitter and I get Dolby out of the sound coaxial port on both the splitter and the HDTV, so the hardware works. May 26,  · 2. navigated to Device Manager > Audio Inputs and Methods > LONTIUM (NVIDIA High Definition Audio) > Update Drivers > Browse my Computer for Drivers > selected path to your folder “HD Audio” but then it says “The best drivers for your device are already installed. I appreciate all the feedback. Dec 14,  · Then disable driver signature enforcement to install modded audio driver only. Reboot then install the APO driver and set that up. Next, install the Dolby app. Finally, go into sound control panel and set Dolby Digital in the advanced tab. Whole thing took 5 minutes.


Windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free. Problem outputting 5.1 surround sound from PC via HDMI


Create a New Topic. In GeForce Graphics Cards. Community subscriber. Email Me. Notify Me. Update avatar. Browse or drag an image. File must be at least xpx and less than xpx. GeForce Forums. Join Now or Login. All Topics. Feature Requests. Sort by. Topics details. GeForce Graphics Cards. By Recency Recency Votes Hot. Filters 2. Mark as read. Games keep crashing with RTX Apex legends. Please help!! Drivers cause Bluetooth audio issues.

Suddenly high frametimes with RTX Applications display jitters. Luis Cabezas. Question about SLI. Extreme fan noise caused by drivers probably. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Cant get 5. Search Join Now Login. Sort By.

Notification Preferences. Forum Actions. Report Post. I have same issue but with a twist. PC running Win 8. And the TV on-screen info is showing audio passing through as “Dolby Digital” when Dolby encoded sources are played back either via Windows Media Center on PC or standalone blu-ray player.

So, even though windows allows only stereo configuration it appears it is actually sending windows 7 free the surround sound data through the TV to the soundbar over hdmi!

Don’t know if this behavior is specific to LG TVs and soundbars. All surround processing handled by receiver and Windows configuration always gave me several surround sound options. I try to put some 5. I m so desesperate. That is just crazy that invidia don’t update is drive. I have the same problem it’s driving me nuts. Can’t get 5. Now configure sound on PC shows 5. By disassociating the SONY receiver sound from the TV means that even if my TV volume windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free not set to zero, the two speakers won’t windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free a sound to mess up my 6.

And if I view programs on TV from antenna I have stereo sound without adjusting volume!!! Thank you very much. I have a similar setup and it has been driving me bananas. This worked a treat. First post of woohoo. Still not fixed. I have confirmed the surround capabilities of my surround system with xbox and pushing it through powerdvd. No option to change windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free stereo.

Pc hdmi to samsung receiver then phillips tv. I’ve also tried a splitter between things, same results. Also my preferred set up of hdmi just to receiver and dual monitor ports to tv and other windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free.

Tried смотрите подробнее windows driver, and every variation of all of these variables to get this to work. Maybe Nvidia can advise what is the next thing to do at this point Hello, well i am owning geforce 2 gb gpu.

I am trying to use my hdmi input supported samsung tv as monitor, but the sound is not coming out through windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free tv. Updated my gpu drivers, but no use. There is no HDMI option appearing on my windows 64 bit pc sound playback option.

Please suggest the information. I have a similar problem. I can only select Stereo output. Neither using the default MS driver nor any other trick from above did change this. This is an issue that will never be resolved for a few reasons. It’s impossible from a purely technical perspective. Here’s why: Current PC Games aren’t like movies, which contain audio in multiple formats, such as early implementations of Dolby Digital and DTS, which are both compressed Bit-Stream based audio formats designed to be transmitted via Optical Digital.

Optical accepts the older compressed versions of these formats, but not the lossless True HD versions. As a result, the surround sound audio becomes traditional 2. It can also send that data via HDMI in a compressed Bit-stream audio file through HDMI that an optical cable can read due to how the audio is packaged on a game disc or film, even in a far more compressed Netflix or Amazon streaming format. Also, to offset these costs, companies like Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo build these technologies into their consoles.

Everything then has discrete 5. Despite it being compressed via Bit-stream Optical Digital, it sound amazingly crystal clear. The Windows 10 boot from free Switch is a rotary dial, /47437.txt the only low tech part of my home theater setup.

It comes with a short Optical cable attached to it that goes into the single optical port on my older suround sound receiver. It windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free still be nice for Nvidia to license Windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free Live or DTS Connect, but at this point, I believe it will never happen due to the aforementioned points, refusal to pay ongoing licensing windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free, and the very nature of how PC Games use raw, uncompressed HD Audio.

One other point is, they assume most users with current GPUs probably have modern, uncompressed HDMI audio surround sound receivers, or traditional analog surround speakers individually plugged into s motherboard sound-card to avoid decompressing raw audio.

It outputs films in 5. This is regardless if one is using optical or an HDMI 2. Same problems occur, unless one is using one of the Dolby Atmos or DTS:X apps and is passing the signal into a legitimately compatible device via HDMI as those apps enable selectable driver level support but for only those formats. This is a great summary. Thank you! Any Solutions? Why is this still a thing?

Waiting for support from Nvidia. My problem is different but likely related. Booth left and right channels are mixed together. I have checked the settings in Nvidia control panel and windows audio. When I do the speaker test in windows audio configuration, each speaker plays individually as it should. Awesome that this is a thing.

Set up PC in livingroom, and am now disappointed with lack of software support for a very simple process. Windows 10 5.1 over hdmi free video card is a ti. My laptop has a 4k screen and HDR support is enabled on it in windows. Then I still only see the TV and have no stereo support. However I now have no video.


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