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Revoice Pro 4 – Synchro Arts – M1 Silicon/Rosetta 2 Compatibility

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How do I obtain my free download of the Revoice Pro 4 Explained® tutorial from Groove 3? Recent activity. Logic Pro X Loss of VocAlign audio output in Logic Pro. Using Revoice Pro 4 and VocAlign Ultra for Post-Production Tighten, tune, sync or double vocals in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio. Using Revoice Pro 4 and VocAlign Ultra for Post-Production Tighten, tune, sync or double vocals in Pro Tools, Logic Pro X, Studio One, Cubase, FL Studio.


– Revoice pro 4 logic x free


Download a day trial and hear for yourself. Find out more about the VocAlign Ultra features here. Toggle navigation. Great Vocals Only Better VocAlign Ultra is nothing short of a revolution in plugin-based audio alignment. Tightness Control NEW! Formant Shifting NEW! The company Antares released the first version of its legendary pitch correction software in It combined a pitch detection algorithm with pitch-shifting algorithms.

This allowed it to recognize a note being sung and move it to the nearest semitone. Since it was the original product, autotune became the household term for any form of pitch correction, even when a different tool is used. Originally intended for the subtle nudging of slightly off-tune performances into place, artists like T-Pain and Cher largely popularized the extreme use of the tool to give vocals that classic hard tuned effect that we know so well in modern pop.

While this hard tuning is the most obvious and noticeable use of pitch correction software, almost every record you hear these days has gone through a vocal editing stage. Very, very few artists receive no help from pitch correction Adele and Billie Eilish are examples. In fact, these days, not only is it NOT shameful to make use of these tools, listeners are used to listening to perfected performances, so you can actually be holding your record back by not making use of these tools.

It then comes down to a matter of taste whether to be subtle or heavy-handed with tuning. If you want to see a more in-depth example of how we process vocals to get that modern sound, be sure to check out our video below. Released in its first iteration in by Celemony, Melodyne changed the course of how vocal editing was approached in records. This allowed for much more surgical editing options, making edits more natural and discreet than ever before. While this is an article about the 8 best autotune plugins in , we had to list some of our favorite tips to make sure your vocals sound killer.

In the Hyperbits Masterclass , we go much deeper into vocal tuning, but again, here are some tips to get you started. The most aggressive option in any pitch correction plugin is the speed knob. This will affect how quickly the algorithm should react when notes change. The classic over-tuned T-Pain effect is accomplished by setting the speed to 0 while slower times will be more natural. Remember, auto-tune doesn’t have to be abrasive, in fact, it is most popular in subtle amounts.

Use 2-stage editing. Again, this is standard practice over the past decade, and you’re only doing yourself a disservice if you don’t apply this subtle treatment. Make sure that whichever tool you use, you set it to the scale of the song you are working with. This will allow the software to more accurately determine which notes to correct the pitch to.

More often than not, less is more. Unless you are specifically going for that intense auto-tune effect, make sure to use the least amount of editing possible to get the job done. The more you do, the more noticeable your edits will become.

Pitch correction software should be your last stop when trying to nail a vocal performance. Amazing vocal editors can work crazy magic, but the best vocals are the ones that need the least amount of retouching. Vocal comping the process of combining many vocal takes and being prepared and meticulous in-studio will do more for a vocal than pitch correction ever will. Ok, enough foreplay!


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