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Microsoft project 2010 freeonline training free

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This is a great option for those with no experience with MS Project who need to quickly gain advanced knowledge of this software. They are by and large same in earlier version from until now. Microsoft Project MS Project is a project management tool from Microsoft used to prepare project schedule, tracking project status and present customized reports to stakeholders. The course is free with a seven-day trial.

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Provider. LinkedIn Learning Help · Pricing. Free Trial Available · Languages. English · Certificate. Certificate Available · Duration & workload. hours worth of. Project training · Project for the web · Project Online and Project desktop · More resources · Other versions · Additional help · Templates · Was this information. Learn Microsoft Project and efficiently manage your project tasks, resources, and schedule more Start my 1-month free trial.


Microsoft project 2010 freeonline training free –


God Bless. I used all of your Masterclass, including the sample exam material, plus reference to the OGC Manual. I cannot thank you enough for all your kind help and patient advice. I am sure there is a massive potential market who would be amazed at both the quality and affordability of your Primer , particularly as not everyone has the luxury of having their training financed for them.

Most people I have met have had to finance themselves. I eagerly await your MS Project Masterclass as I have to admit, I have been unable to yet find anything to come close to matching your high standards. Merseyside, United Kingdom.

I want to thank you for your wonderful PMP Masterclass. It was an excellent resource to understand the concepts through the use of your high quality interactive videos. I made notes of the important concepts along the way and at the end of it I was fully confident in my knowledge of the Method. Thanks to your Primer Lab I cleared and passed my Exam at my first attempt!

Your study material helped me greatly in achieving this — it was actually better than the 5 day course I went on. I took my Practitioner Exam on the 31st October. The Practitioner course I went on was to give pointers which I had already from your Primer and nothing extra that was crucial to pass the exam. But Your Primer was spot on ……….. Again thank you for all your help…it was very much appreciated ….. I have passed my Practitioner Exam!

Thank you for all your help! Thank goodness your downloadable Primer videos covered the entire syllabus, as the benefit that they gave me was that I was able learn the Method in my own time, rather than just having to learn it at my aggressively-paced classroom course.

Before attending the classroom course I went on, I worked through your Primer videos giving me ALL the knowledge and information that I needed. Because of this, I had a massive advantage over others on the course as I could listen to the tutor rather than trying to listen and also notes take at the same time. For anyone wanting to attend the Foundation and Practitioner training course, these videos are a must!

I passed my Practitioner Exam will flying colours, I am so happy. I will definitely be getting my next Primers from your website soon! Thank you for making it so easy to understand what the examiner wants from us!

Kind Regards. I am pleased to inform you that I made it. You really are a life-saver, I almost quit until I found your website. And there we go, all done, thanks to you.

I just wanted to thank you personally. I want to take this opportunity to thank you so much for your PMP Masterclass! Thank you for helping me not only memorize, but also understand — and, thus, learn — the concepts I needed to know. I am so thrilled. I just wanted to let you know that I received my Practitioner results today and I can confirm that I have passed!!!

Thank you once again, you have really inspired me and restored my faith in human kind by your act of kindness and support. Your material and videos were very specific and clear in detail , sample exams also was the perfect complement to the official manual and the official respective course. This accreditation would allow me to advance in advisory aspects of project management in my region I do not want to forget that when I contacted you with inquiries of the material I had immediate response.

Thank you very much for going the extra mile. I can only express my gratitude by saying and meaning that you are truly a Guru and a Master in your work. I have seen many tutorial videos on the exam in the past, and they left me exactly where I started from. Your teaching videos have given me almost immediate understanding for what is going on.

I passed my PMP Exam! The layout of your video training really provides solid understanding of where inputs come from and where they are used. I think this was critical in most of my exam questions. I am very thankful I found you! I am Elated. I am tingling all over with the advice that I have just passed the Practitioner Exam.

Your Primer course is without doubt the main reason for my success. I wish you continued success and would encourage any prospective students to purchase your Primer course.

Really want to thank you for your fabulous PMP Primer video preparation material. I have been trying to prep for this test for about a year now actually took a self-led online course and your material was by far the key to my success. I will be sure to recommend you to my colleagues in the future. Have a great weekend and thank you again! Once I had gone through all the 25 modules of your PRINCE2 Masterclass video tutorial, there was no looking back I was immediately confident about the entire syllabus and all the concepts and just needed to appear for the mock Foundation and Practitioner tests included in your training.

I did not need even need to revise the video material a second time! I truly appreciate your study materials for the exam and it helped me to gain my Practitioner status now. Your Video training modules and the explanations given in the videos are done to extremely high standards and I am not sure anyone else can present this information as detailed and as easy to follow as your video PRINCE2 Masterclass. I needed a new approach to my study approach for Prince 2 so I enrolled for your Prince 2 practitioner masterclass in February and began studying in earnest, i worked through the videos at a pace which allowed me to absorb the content.

On March 12th i took the Prince 2 Practitioner exam and passed it with flying colours. I am so happy i found your study course and would highly recommend it to anyone studying for Prince 2.

I am pleased inform you that I got through my Practitioner Exam and your training materials were immensely useful for my success. I am not the greatest at e-learning courses and prefer tutor lead classroom work; however your APMIC video training Primer was just like being in a classroom, with the added bonus that you and rewind and watch the lessons over and over again.

Just to let you know that I passed my Practitioner last week. Your Primer was well segmented, clear and concise with a good amount of general project management tips thrown in along the way. I would heartily recommend anyone think of taking the two day practitioner course including the exam to buy your course, it was more than worth the money! I wanted to get my PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner certification and had enrolled on a week long classroom course I found online, I read up and studied as much as I could, but there was far too much crammed in and reading a dull book that has no context and made no sense to me — it was just not sinking in.

I was frantically searching online for help when I came across one of your videos on YouTube, and it all started to fall into place, something clicked and I was starting to really grasp it. I am very grateful to you Dave and for helping me via emails personally — you seem to be a very kind and genuine chap!

I basically started immediately with the first video and kind of got hooked to it. These questions are much more challenging than in the actual exam, but it was a great way to really understand the method.

The rest of the videos dived deeper into all the important aspects and are very easy to follow. Get Started. Good Project Planning is the foundation of the project success.

Microsoft Project is a project planning tool used by several Fortune corporate companies as well as independent project management professionals. This training is most suited for:. Microsoft Project is a project management software which can be used as a desktop application or online. Microsoft Project was first released in Before that, it was used to streamline and monitor tasks in Microsoft internally.

Microsoft Project is the most popular project management software used around the world. Microsoft Project is a leader in the project management software market and far ahead from the Project’s closest competitor Oracle’s Primavera.

Most of the Fortune corporate companies use Microsoft Project to manage their projects. If you want to advance your project management career, Microsoft Project will be a crucial must-to-have skill.

Learning how to create a project plan step-by-step through a real-life project example will help you to get your desired project management job. Course instructor makes an introduction to the course and introduces herself.

ZIP file. You will need to download Project Training exercise Files. I would recommend this course because it focuses on quality rather than the quantity of content.

Also, it is the closest course teaching MS project for actual practice. I am a planning engineer for a general contractor. It helped me make the adjustment from Primavera 6 to MS project without any issues. It also saved me time as I didn’t have to ask people how to work the functions in MS Project as most of them were taught in your course. My confidence also grew as I was able to apply the course lessons in actual practice. Exactly the training I was looking for! Its been an amazing experience would recommend to anyone who wishes to get onboard with Microsoft Project.

I would also advise that some primary knowledge of project management will make the course a lot easier to grasp. The lecturer is experienced and knowledgeable in project management, and as a result, his explanations are very good.

I enjoyed the course and will recommend it to my friends. I have used Microsoft Project and managed several projects in the last ten years. However, after getting enrolled in this MS Project online tutorial, I learned that there were many more features in the software that could have made my project planning, monitoring, and reporting easier. If you search on YouTube for Microsoft Project online tutorial videos, you will find many videos, covering many different features of the software.

The creators of these videos are individuals and training institutes both. However, these videos are not comprehensive and you may not learn the software from scratch. Most people who publish tutorial videos on YouTube are not trainers or professional users. Moreover, some videos that you will find on MS Project will be introductory videos while others will not teach you properly or completely. Thousands of people who tried to learn MS Project from YouTube failed to use the software properly at work.

Especially, if you are a professional or already involved in project scheduling, you must make sure that you learn the software thoroughly and that anything that you learn is correctly taught. YouTube can never be the proper source to learn the software perfectly.

So, you should go for a paid MS Project online tutorial from a reputed leading training academy. At Master of Project Academy , we specialize in project management training, and our MS Project instructors are Microsoft certified professionals who impart high quality and advanced level training. They have conducted numerous training to date and our MS Project online tutorial has been purchased and liked by thousands of happy customers. If you search the Internet, you will even find free Microsoft Project online tutorial options on many websites.

These MS Project online tutorials include free videos, discussion forums, blogs, and articles. However, these will not be comprehensive and are not the easy and preferred way of learning MS Project. Especially, if you want to master MS Project, and learn the software completely, then you should go for a paid MS Project online tutorial.

Nobody wants to risk their money on a course that would not be effective or price worthy. That is why there should be a free Microsoft Project online tutorial that you can enroll in and analyze its quality, before purchasing the complete course. If you like the free parts of the course, you may then purchase from the same vendor the paid MS Project online tutorial for advanced topics. This free Microsoft Project online tutorial is carefully created to teach you in a very easy way the basics of the software.

You will even get a course completion certificate upon completing this free Microsoft Project online tutorial. From these videos, you will learn how to acquire MS projects, how to open and close the projects. Furthermore, you will learn how to enter new tasks and change task properties. You will be taught how to create a real-world like project through an example.

If you need any help with what is taught to you, you can write to us. Our instructors will reply to you within 24 hours.

There is no fee for obtaining support from us. At the end of the training videos, there are quizzes as well to allow you to test your MS Project skills. If you hold a PMI certification, you will earn 0. We encourage you to enroll in our free Microsoft Project online tutorial. This tutorial is best suited for project engineers, planners, team leads, and all other professionals who want to learn MS Project.


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