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The improvements to Internet Explorer are as much about what you don’t see as what you do see. Internet Explorer 9 has a streamlined design, fewer dialog boxes to click through, more intuitive navigation, and many new features that speed up your web browsing experience. Features like Pinned Sites let you pin your favorite website directly to the taskbar for one-click access. Other features, like hardware acceleration, deliver источник статьи all-around faster browsing experience.

With Internet Explorer 9, websites perform взято отсюда feel more like the programs you use every day on your PC. Internet Explorer 9 RC is also available for the following versions of Windows:. It’s all-around fast hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics speed up performance and make websites perform like programs that are installed on your computer.

Streamlined and simplified design gives you the basic controls you need and puts the focus on your websites. One-click internet explorer 9 para windows 7 professional 64 bits free to your favorite sites with Pinned Sites, you can get to your favorite sites directly from the Windows taskbar without having to open your browser first.

A combined search and Address bar one place больше информации either navigate to a website or start a search. Redesigned New Tab page now you have quick access to the sites you visit most often, and you can also reopen closed tabs or your last browsing session, or start an InPrivate Browsing session. Improved add-on management Add-on Performance Advisor tells you if an add-on is slowing down your browser and allows you to disable or remove it, helping ensure that your browser страница fast over time.

Helps control your privacy Tracking Protection enables you to limit the browser’s communication with certain websites to help keep your information private. Keeps your downloads in order Download Manager keeps a running list of the files you download from the Internet, notifies you if a file could be malicious, приведенная ссылка allows you to pause and restart a download.

Download Certified. Internet Explorer 9 for Windows 7 bit Download. Direct Download External Mirror. Last updated:. March 15, User rating:. Internet Explorer 9 RC is also available for the following versions of Windows: Windows Vista bit Windows Vista bit Windows 7 bit Top Features in Продолжение здесь Explorer 9 Internet explorer 9 para windows 7 professional 64 bits free all-around fast hardware-accelerated text, video, and graphics speed up performance and make websites perform like programs that are installed on your computer.

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Internet explorer 9 para windows 7 professional 64 bits free.Internet Explorer 9 (64 bits)


In times of lean design and very clean, IE insisted on an outdated formula. But now, the new Internet Explorer features a redesigned and much cleaner interface, adopting a trend that other browsers have been following for some time.

The difference from the previous version is noticeable the first time you open the program: instead of a visually polluted, overloaded element interface, Internet Explorer 9 looks much lighter, with the tabs located at the top of the screen. This restructuring is an attempt to eliminate one of the browser’s biggest problems: slowness. With few objects to load, the application does not require so much from the computer at startup time. Another change was in the position of the action buttons, such as “Favorites” and “Settings”, which were relocated to the far edge of the screen.

The same thing happened with the address bar, which is now next to the tabs at the top of the page. These changes eliminate a large portion of unused spaces in the interface, which increases the viewing area of your pages. Plus, because all icons are so discreet, you stay focused only on what really matters. Integration with Windows 7 However, it’s not just the look that Internet Explorer brings news.

The browser also gained new functionality, especially for those using Windows 7 and missed a greater integration between the browser and the operating system. If that’s your case, you can start celebrating. Internet Explorer 9 has a system that allows you to pin favorite web services and websites directly to the Windows Taskbar, just as with programs.

This gives you easy access to the pages you visit the most. This integration between operating system and browser was only possible by incorporating HTML5 into the code structure. So, just one click lets you be inside your favorite email or news service. Additionally, some sites, such as Twitter, have even greater integration with this function, allowing you to perform actions directly through the bar.

To add this news is simple. Next to the page address is a small icon with the site symbol. By dragging it, it automatically turns into a kind of button. Then all you have to do is send it to the Windows 7 Taskbar to make it a quick shortcut. In addition, you have the ability to list shortcuts. If you have your browser pinned to the Taskbar, right-clicking its icon displays shortcuts to frequently accessed pages, as well as some browser commands.

It allows you to view two browser windows side by side. To do this, simply drag one of the open tabs to the left edge of the screen and the other to the right. Most accessed sites with each new tab Also new is the addition of a specific page for when you open a new tab. Instead of bringing in standard text or a blank screen, IE9 lists the top 10 most accessed websites in the browser, just as Chrome already does. This way, the time it takes you to access your addresses drops dramatically.

Unlike Google’s browser, Internet Explorer 9 displays a small colored bar below each thumbnail, indicating how often you go to each of those sites. This allows for better page organization and makes the click much more intuitive. More organization in your downloads For download lovers, great news: IE9 now also has its own manager, which lists and makes your downloaded files much more organized and easy to find.

The difference between this new function and what was already done by other browsers is the interface used. The Microsoft manager brings all the necessary information in a very condensed manner, but without leaving the user at hand. This means that you view download progress much more succinctly and neatly. We don’t have any change log information yet for version 9.

Sometimes publishers take a little while to make this information available, so please check back in a few days to see if it has been updated. If you have any changelog info you can share with us, we’d love to hear from you! Head over to our Contact page and let us know. It was introduced to the general public on March 14, Compared to Internet Explorer 8 which.

Tally is one of the leading business enterprise applications in India. It is used by small and medium enterprises SMEs across various sectors like retail, wholesale, manufacturing etc. Tally offers. Compete against the best in this racing game with excellent graphics and amazing supercars. You can make a name for yourself as you challenge online players to become the top racer in the world. Internet Explorer is the world’s most popular Web browser.

The latest version o. Mozilla Firefox is an open-source browser, which launched in Its simple and easy to use, with an excellent UI and in-built features.

It is a popular browser with developers and has an active com. This version of IE ru. The Microsoft Works 6—9 File Converter allows you to open, edit, and save documents in the Works Word Processor file format supported by Works versions 6, 7, 8 and 9. Why do you still exist?. I have tried Google Chrom e, Firefox, Safari, etc. It freezes constantly, it’s slow, it crashes, freezes my entire computer, the list goes on and on, but I will say that I rate Internet Explorer, and every version I’ve tried:1 out of Seriously guys?

The only thing you ever change on your web browser is it’s appearance, and add a few tools unecessary tools here and there. This isn’t Windows 95 anymore. It’s time to fix your web browser. I’m suprised that computer manafacturers still use you as their default. Pros: It gives you the opportunity to download Google Chrome or Firefox.

Cons: Slow, freezes constantly, freezes up computers, crashes, etc etc. I have always stuck by Microsoft because I tend to favour the underdog. Silly to call the Microsoft money-making power house an underdog, but it seems to be a fallen giant, and always got the flak for everything that goes wrong. So, out of the kindness of my heart I have stuck by IE when all else haven jumped ship to Mozilla.

It’s more than a little frustrating that the top of the page or article gets shown and as you scroll down it all gets fudged out. This is not to mention the fact that some buttons on websites simply do not work on IE9 – when this happened with random links it’s frustrating, when it occurs with Paypal, my Bank’s website and the like it’s frankly unbearable.

Whether they improve these glitches or not, I’m moving to the main concourse of Mozilla. Pros: More of webpage shown Cons: Website glitches Few messages to express contrition or explanation for said glitches Favourites, Print, File and all been moved, annoyingly New Favourites menu is overly simplistic Requires rebooy on installation More. Internet Explorer 9.

Speed in loading the home pages I have 5 home pages as std is definitely faster with this version. It’s a NEW Laptop. David Cons: Concerned about stability and security – with unauthorised speech and music More. What Rubbish is this?!. Think of all the beautiful fast browsers that barley fail, work like they should and never freeze. Awesome, isn’t it? I spent ages downloading this bit version, then installing it, then restarting.


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