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Added in Windows 10 build , you can use the /writethrough parameter to map a drive bypassing all OS caches and forcing I/Os through to disk. Open Start on Windows By default, mapped drives are not persistent. If we map drives using the commands we’ve talked about so far, the mapped drives would disappear.


How to use Net Use command to map network drive


The net use command is a legacy, yet still completely functional command to create, remove and manage SMB Windows mapped connections and drives. The net use command will work in non-domain environments. The net use command enables you to work with files on network file shares. It does this using various parameters and switches as shown below. The net use command can view device connections, create new connections and remove them.

Creating new connections is one of the most common reasons to use the net use command. To create a new remote file share connection, you have two options with net use. Mapping network drives is one of the most common uses of the net use command. This command allows you to map a network drive on the command line much like you would via File Explorer. To do so, specify the drive letter to map the network drive to followed by the UNC path of the remote file share.

If the file share has spaces in it, always be sure to surround it in quotes e. Now run net use with no parameters to confirm Windows mapped the drive correctly. Doing so will tell Windows to find the next available drive letter. If you went through the demo above and mapped a network drive, you did so authenticating as the logged on user.

But what if you need to authenticate to the remote file share using alternate credentials? Mapping a network drive authenticating as a non-logged-in user account is nearly the same as with a logged-in account. The command is capable of connecting to all kinds of network resources. In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the Net Use command.

I will explain how you can view, add, and delete network shares from the cmd line. Before we are going to take a look at how to add a network drive, we first going to list the existing connections. If you simply type the command Net Use you will get an overview of all existing network connections and their status. Now you could also open the explorer to see all network drivers.

But the advantage of Net Use is that it will also list any hidden network connections that are created with a group policy. This is really handy if you want to check if a particular network drive is currently used or you want to know more about the resource type. The Net Use command is commonly used to add or remove network connections from a computer. One of the advantages of using a command for this is that you can add a drive letter after somebody logs in.

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