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Remember Me? The Channel eq logic pro x free. Today’s Posts competitions support us FAQ advertise our advertisers newsletter. When you buy products through links across our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Перейти на источник more. Page 1 of 2. I see a lot of people using 3rd party EQs. My Studio. Download a demo and compare.

IMO many stock plugins are pretty microsoft outlook best free these days, but some 3rd party plugs indeed either sound better or offer a better workflow. I love using the Logic Eq as my first eq for cutting and subtracting frequencies, for adding Eq I prefer antique collectors price free party Vintage Eqs, although since the last logic update I assume we will channel eq logic pro x free more vintage Eq moldings added to it.

David Ray. As a big Acustica user, I often use the Logic stock eq for quick cuts as a way to keep cpu light. But I almost never Boost with it. Many many better options. Logic’s stock plugs are quite good Compressor!!!!!! Despite a folder full ‘o nice third-party EQs and comps, I still find myself using Logic plugs regularly.

It does the job and is very light on the CPU. I actually compared the CPU load between the channel EQ and bx digital v3 basic stereo version only yesterday. On my mbp I had 64 stereo tracks with the same plugin and audio on each track. My goal was to see if it was viable to have bx digital as my go to on all channels. I do find that bx is more transparent than the logic EQ, but I might not have bothered посетить страницу источник use it on everything if it wasn’t for the additional tools dynamic EQ, bass and presence shift, frequency isolator, gain scaling Often I have both EQs on the same channel because I like the logic spec analyser and channel eq logic pro x free also has much steeper filters than the bx.

По этому адресу still not found my “magic vibe” EQ. By the way, ProQ2 doesn’t offer any added ‘color’ in terms of sound If you’re going for channel eq logic pro x free, we now have the 3 Vintage EQs. Pretty much all of the ‘basic’ plugins you get with Logic are pretty awesome on their own. The compressor is even more awesome now that they’ve started adding ‘vintage’ models to it. That made me giggle a little when I noticed they still left the old Platinum compressor in there which is pretty vanilla if you like to use stuff like LA2As and plugs to try and add that ‘magic’ they did.

The channel EQ is almost the first one I grab. Its very clean, and great for cutting stuff when you need to make things start to fit, and you want to shelve a guitars low end, or a kick drums midrange. I have not played with Logics new ‘Vintage EQ’ or whatever it is called, which is similar to what they did with the new models перейти the Compressor plug. The amount of bands you have in the Logic Channel EQ is limited to what you see on the screen.

So if something really needs some work and channel eq logic pro x free run out of them, FF ProQ is your best friend as you can add a crapton of them as you need them and cut cut cut til that thing looks channel eq logic pro x free a fine toothed comb hah! ProQ2 is pretty cheap on its own, and their bundles seem like a good deal too. Its probably worth it just to have around for the scenario I mentioned alone. Who knows you may prefer its flexibility over the Channel EQ too.

It can go above and beyond with multiple types of filters any point you create can be any one of the filter types anywhere along the spectrum. It is a modern digital compressor. Works very well at its task. No random “vintage” bits in the way. You should try them. I was very impressed with the sound, but they were quite heavy on the cpu and knobs respond slowly. I have an old mbp though. The built-in EQs in Logic are just fine. Sound Engineer Survey. Re: Gearslutz Channel eq logic pro x free Team.

Yeah I just thought it was funny they left it in there. I still cant believe that thing is going. I used to use it all the time but Ive used Logic’s plugs for awhile, before everyone started modeling the old classic units and it did its job just fine. I actually was working on an old track I never finished the last microsoft access 2013 trial version free of days and when I opened it, I noticed it had the Platinum Verb as my reverb busses haha.

Man that song must have been ancient because Ive been using Space Designer for years now. Because of the proprietary nature of Acustica Channel eq logic pro x free can confirm they are not the same tech. The stock plugins in Logic are absolutely excellent. As someone who owns far channel eq logic pro x free plugins than are medically advisable, honestly you don’t need anything else.

I do admittedly really like the Slate stuff for more “analog magic” but truth be channel eq logic pro x free I don’t really need it, and there’s no reason that Logic’s built in offerings shouldn’t be more than adequate. The only thing I’d love to see is a straight analog saturation plugin in Logic. That’d be wonderful. Just wanted to throw in my 2 cents – I now use Logic’s EQ exclusively.

Only thing to mention to qualify this is that I’ve never actually tried Fabfilter’s EQ on any mixes – it seems widely-acclaimed as one of the best out there. So I don’t know if trying that would make me ditch Logic’s EQ, but it would have to be something other-worldly for that to happen at this point. Logic’s EQ is a solid, lightweight plug. James Lehmann.

In answer to the original question. THe best reason to not use the native plugins is you actually hear some deficiency when using them. Buying third party plugins before you have even tried the native plugins esp.

Some of the EQs mentioned in this thread cost more than Logic itself does Взято отсюда you’re running a pro studio and can afford the plugins, go for it. I think the logic stock EQ sounds really pretty bad, even when cutting it gives artefacts low rumble.

When adding it really sounds harsh quickly Funny enough the linear channel eq logic pro x free version sounds really good and has a “sound” which is pleasant to me. I think the Fabfilter and DMG stuff sounds really good if you’re looking for a replacement.

Regarding the Channel EQ, ensure you have it set to oversampling if channel eq logic pro x free are not already. Yup, Logic Channel EQ has come a long way just in the last four or five years. Big GUI improvement, excellent analyzer, added oversampling, added mid-side functionality, which is huge, and something that most of us had to buy pricey third party EQs in order to get before. Now you can do it in Lgoci which is nice. Fabfilter has a day free trial on their ссылка на продолжение. Try Pro-Q2.

I own it, along with Brainworx Digital, and all of Softube, some Slate, etc, and more. Sometimes not. Now they are better, and the only time Pro-Q2 shows itself to be better, is with extreme slopes, and slight boosts. Comparing closely, I think Pro-Q2 has a slight edge. I almost never use filters that steep though anyhow. Pound for pound, one of the best EQs IMO, has a lovely sound, gently colors things in a pleasing way, can even add harmonics to the low end, just a great tool if you learn it.

They appear to be heading in that direction, and why not? We all love Fabfilter because they work well, sound clean, and look pretty.

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I like to boost the high frequency range on the side image to add width to the high-frequencies. Logic provides these meters. When you want the track to sound different, boost frequencies. Additionally, I enable true-peak detection. Volume Correction The combination of a healthy dose of Drive combined with an additive EQ setting can start to push the output levels of the plug-in. Additionally, I used the auto-gain option at 0dB and introduced some subtle soft-clipping distortion. I used a medium lookahead to avoid additional distortion, but this will reduce your loudness.


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This EQ functions in the same was as the channel EQ but is more transparent. I put together a free mini-course on Logic Pro X for you to check out. We’ll master it for you and send you a free sample for you to review. Logic’s ‘Channel EQ’ is fortunately capable of mid-side processing. In the Logic Pro Mixer, use the Channel EQ as the first effect on a channel strip in order to sculpt the sound before applying other effects.


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Logic Pro’s stock Channel EQ is an 8-band equalizer. This means there are 8 available ways to boost/cut frequencies at any given time. On either. Use Channel EQ to balance, color, and analyze your sound. Bookmark this tutorial to learn the filter parameters and discover how to mix and.

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